How to request a budget modification

Funds granted for a project may be used only as described in the approved contract budget and workplan, and within the budget period. Any changes to the work plan or budget as described below must have prior written approval.

When is a Budget Modification necessary?
  • To make a change in a line-item cost that was previously approved;
  • If proposed expenditures are for items that explicitly require prior written approval;
  • If adding a line-item cost that was not previously part of the approved budget; and
  • When the total amount of the funds being transferred between categories in the approved budget exceeds 10% of any of the total budget
How do you request a Budget Modification?
  • Email your Grants Coordinator basic details about the update you would like to make to your budget.
  • If a budget modification is necessary, download the Budget Modification Request Form for a formal request.
  • Complete the form and submit it to your Grants Coordinator for final review.

Budget Modification Request Form