Entrepreneurship for People with Developmental Disabilities

Grantee: Research Foundation for The SUNY Farmingdale

Project Goal: 

This project will develop a NY Statewide program to assist people with disabilities in starting a business.  A series of workshops will be developed and presented Statewide to introduce entrepreneurship to persons with disabilities.  Consultants will provide accounting and legal assistance to those participants who need additional support in registering their businesses and to ensure they are following mandates according to their disability benefits. Ultimately they will increase their employment options and independence.

Project Summary: 

Prospective business owners from the disability community will be exposed to resources and education to fully understand processes, requirements and referrals to build a successful foundation for their business idea. The workshops will be delivered by Small Business Development Center (SBDC) staff virtually or be offered in person to ensure all interested entrepreneurs have access to this program. Workshop topics include:

  • Is Entrepreneurship for you?
  • Evaluating Best Business Practices
  • Writing a Business Plan – What is it and Why Write it?
  • Marketing Analysis / Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Planning & Financial Best Practices

Following the first workshop participants will be invited to continue the classroom series and/or be connected to a business advisor convenient to them if one-on-one counseling is preferred.

To find out more about the SBDCs visit: https://www.farmingdale.edu/small-business-development-center/

Key Activities: 

  • Develop workshop series focused on starting a business for people with developmental disabilities and their families.
  • Conduct outreach across the state to advertise workshops.
  • Deliver workshops either virtually or in-person depending on the need of the community.
  • Provide ongoing assistance and technical support
  • Compile a final Sustainability Plan for the CDD, which includes identification of specific strategies to sustain the program beyond the life of the grant.

Total Funding: $750,000

Project Length: 3 Years

Project Start: January 1, 2023

Geographic Reach: Statewide

Current Status: Active