Decision Making Curriculum for People with  Developmental Disabilities (DD) K-12

Grantee: CUNY Hunter College

Project Goal: 

One of the most important purposes of school is to give students the skills to become successful adults who make informed decisions. But often schools do not provide students with developmental disabilities the decision-making skills to make essential life decisions. This project will create a curriculum for students in grades K-12 building these skills from a young age, leading to greater independence and self-confidence for people with developmental disabilities.

Project Summary: 

CUNY Hunter College will work to create a decision-making curriculum that grows with students. It will include different age-appropriate lessons and activities for students at each grade and level. Students will learn to understand the steps to decision making, including:

  • gathering information,
  • understanding information
  • identifying possibilities and alternatives
  • considering consequences, weighing choices, communicating decisions with others
  • implementing decisions

After creating the curriculum, they will develop toolkits and trainer guides to help teachers implement the project into the pilot schools. Students will be assessed and move through the program at the speed that makes sense for them.

Key Activities: 

  • Develop curriculum resources.
  • Train practitioners to deliver the curriculum.
  • Begin curriculum pilots in schools.
  • Make improvements and changes based on pilot results.
  • Compile a final Sustainability Plan for the CDD, which includes identification of specific strategies to sustain the program beyond the life of the grant.

Total Funding: $800,000

Project Length: 4 Years

Project Start: January 1, 2023

Geographic Reach: Statewide

Current Status: Active