Contract Documents

All applicable contract documents must be submitted as part of the contracting process. Completed forms can be sent to your designated Grants Coordinator.


Certificate of NYS Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage

Complete this form indicating that the NYS CDD is the certificate holder in Section 2 on the WC form.

Employers may obtain this form from either their NYS workers' compensation insurance carrier or a licensed NYS insurance agent of that carrier. Acceptable Forms include: C-105.2, U-26.3, SI-12, or GSI-105.2.


NYSIF Disability Benefits Certificate

Complete this form with the NYS CDD listed as the certificate holder in Section 2; This certificate may be obtained online at


Certificate of Attestation of Exemption (CE-200) (If applicable)

This form can only be used to attest that an applicant requesting a license, permit or contract is not required to carry workers' compensation and/or disability and Paid Family Leave benefits coverage. Only two types of entities may apply for a certificate to show they are exempt from the requirement to provide workers' compensation and/or disability and Paid Family Leave benefits coverage when obtaining a license, permit or contact with a government agency:

  1. New York entities with no employees
  2. Out-of-state entities obtaining a contract or license where all the work is performed outside of New York State

If you believe your organization meets the above criteria, reach out to your Grants Coordinator to request this form.


Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Certification Form

As of January 1, 2019, bidders on procurements subject to competitive bidding are required to submit a certification with every bid that states they have a policy addressing sexual harassment prevention and that they provide sexual harassment training (that meets the Department of Labor’s model policy and training standards) to all employees on an annual basis.

Complete this form as an attestation that your organization trains staff in sexual harassment prevention. (Download from document list below).


Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire (VRQ)

To access or enroll in the VendRep System or update your existing online questionnaire, click Online Questionnaire. Questionnaires in the VendRep System that have been completed in the last six months in response to contracts or bid announcements do not need to be updated.


Business with Russia Prohibition Certification

As of March 17, 2022, New York State agencies are prohibited from contracting with
businesses conducting business in Russia. Bidders on procurements must submit a
certification stating that they do not conduct business operations in Russia, or meet the
federal exemptions regarding vital health and safety services.

Full text of Executive Order No. 16 can be found here.

(Download from document list below).