A group of young people stand in front of a circle bearing the colors of the disability pride flag.

July is Disability Pride Month

Watch our video, and learn more about the Disability Pride flag.
About the Council
Enhancing the Lives of New Yorkers with Developmental Disabilities

The mission of the New York State Council on Developmental Disabilities (CDD) is to enhance the lives of New Yorkers with Developmental Disabilities and their families through programs that promote self-advocacy, participation, and inclusion in all facets of community life.

National Reach

NYS CDD is one of 56 state councils on developmental disabilities in the U.S. and its territories created through the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (DD Act). 

Council Membership

The Governor appoints members of the Council to facilitate the distribution of Federal funds available to New York State. By Federal law, at least 60% of the members of the Council must be people with developmental disabilities, or family members of people with developmental disabilities. 

CDD Agency Updates

Check out the newly produced video from the NYS Council on Developmental Disabilities titled Housing for People with Developmental Disabilities: A Success Story. The CDD funded the NY Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation to develop ‘Regional Housing Collaboratives’ which brings together housing-related professionals interested in helping people with developmental disabilities by supporting creative housing solutions.

The Path Forward:

Remembering Willowbrook

The Path Forward: Remembering Willowbrook is a half-hour documentary produced by the CDD highlighting the lessons learned, positive change that resulted, and the legacy of Willowbrook.