Building Capacity for Spanish and Chinese-Speaking Advocates

Grantees: Sinergia, Ibero-American Action League, Chinese-American Planning Council

Project Goal: This project aims to give Spanish and Chinese-speaking families the tools they need to advocate for people with developmental disabilities in their communities.

Project Summary: There is no greater tool to civic change than advocacy. People with developmental disabilities and their families have been advocating for decades to break down barriers and to ensure people with disabilities are considered in all decisions made by policymakers. 

While we know advocacy is important, language can be a key barrier to making your voice heard. To help ensure that all communities serving people with developmental disabilities and their families have a voice, the Council on Developmental Disabilities has partnered with Community Based Organizations (CBO's) serving Spanish and Chinese-speaking families to increase advocacy efforts in these communities. Since community-based organizations are often staffed by people who share the cultural and linguistic background of the people they serve and are located within the community, they are best suited to assist with capacity building activities. 

Total Funding: $450,000

Project Length: 2 years

Project Start: October 1, 2021

Geographic Reach: New York City, Rochester

Project Status: Complete